Responsive Web Design

Now a day there are many devices which are using to browse websites. Providing the best experience to your audience means catering to a variety of devices. The most cutting edge and cost effective way to complete this is through responsive design. Responsive web design has developed over the past few years to become a device doubting approach. From a mobile browser on an iPhone all the way up to a HD TV, responsive website is able to adjust their appearance based on screen dimensions.

Static website is mostly designed to showcase the static products and services of a company that no requires frequent change of contents. Grameen IT is a leading outsourcing web development company, we always try to create a visually appealing, professional looking website for your business.

Grameen IT provide Mobile device (smart phones and tabs) compatible websites with professional responsive dynamic website design services in the form offshore outsourcing. Our website design service integrates with you existing marketing and sales strategies. The contents of a dynamic websites can be changed or modified easily by adding or modifying the contents, images and videos without the actual interaction of designer or developer.

Content Management System (CMS) based website is easy to modify or update. Even for a person who does not have any technical background can do this perfectly. Content management system allows multiple users to collaborate on the website and to control data effectively with different levels of access. Grameen IT specializes in modified CMS website designing.